FileMaker Cloud need to Make Off-Site back ups...or to Alternate S3 account

Idea created by richardcarlton on Sep 11, 2017

    Hi Everyone,


    Problem:  FileMaker Cloud can randomly crash.  It seems rare, but when it happens, customers are seriously screwed.  The customer must reply upon FileMaker Tech Support which only works M-F 8AM to 5PM Pacific... to find backup copies and restore the server.  This can result in mission critical server going down for customers...and NO ONE... except FileMaker Tech Support can fix the issues.


    Suggested Fix:  FileMaker Cloud Maker Offsite backups to a SEPARATE S3 account...or Dropbox, etc...on a schedule WE set.  This allows the customer or consultant... to download a recent backup.   With this backup, consultant or IT staff can restore service using another FileMaker Cloud account or with FileMaker Server.   Restoration could be done in minutes...and not wait for DAYS.



    (1) No software is perfect.   FileMaker Cloud can crash.



    (1) When FileMaker Cloud crashes....access to it automated internal backups... can become UNAVAILABLE to the customer or consultants.

    (2) FileMaker Tech Support does not provide 24/7 support.

    (3) Customers get REALLY PISSED OFF... when their databases go down for DAYS...and they have to wait for FileMaker to restore the databases.

    (4) FileMaker Inc... the company... doesn't want to get into the 24/7 Support business. 



    (1) Restore Access to a solution in minutes. 

    (2) My goal is not to change terms of service for FileMaker Tech Support.

    (3) Make an alternate emergency procedure available where IT staff or consultant can get a copy (from another AWS account) and use that to restore service.

    (4) Remove excessive dependence from FileMaker Tech Support.



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