Options for Buttons/Button Bars: change Default and add "finish current script first"

Idea created by Benjamin Fehr on Sep 19, 2017

    Buttons and Button Bars give options on how to handle a current running script:


    This almost hidden Option determines how to act when another script is already running.

    Lets say, a Script A is running. Now, a Script B is triggered via Button/Button Bar:

    In any case, Script B will interrupt Script A. The Options with Button/Button Bar will determine how to deal with the current Script A:

    Pause (the default?!!!): A paused script remains paused.      => the user gets lost, 'specially when Toolbar is hidden.

    Resume: A paused script will be resumed after the button’s script runs.      => as should be the default!

    Exit: A current paused script is exited. If the current script was called by another script, control returns to the original script.      => ??

    Halt: Execution of all scripts (except the button’s script) is halted.      => to continue later OR to leave the user in misery?!



    First priority should be that the "current Script" (Script A) should proceed anyway. Second priority should be that a "current Script" finishes first, before another scripts starts.


    I would like to see changes as followed:

    Resume: A paused script will be resumed after the button’s script runs. => should be set as the Default

    first-things-first: A current script will run thru before the button’s script runs. => should be added as another option