Democratising customer content

Idea created by jrenfrew Expert on Sep 30, 2017
    • jrenfrew

    There is the possibility that by saying that 'high-quality', 'customer-focussed'. robust apps built with FileMaker is an expensive sport we are painting oturselves into an elitist corner.


    Somewhere there is a balance between charging lots for what we do  - because it is clever, and we are clever (or greedy) - and the budgets of customers whose lives and businesses woud be radically transformed if only we could finds ways of delivering that work at affordable prices, without either belittling the skills we exhibit, making the cusotmer not value what they are getting, or having to drive a 10-year old Prius while still living at home at the age of 45


    Is it best to use only a fraction of a ready-made template solution because it requires less initial work?

    How to focus both one's own and the customer(s) mind so that the maximu efficency is approached during development

    How quickly can you really assemble a useable system from ready made components you (or others) have already built?

    Can you develop an app which has all its functionality in Web Services? Your FileMaker solution as the glue to many APIs