inconsistency scriptworkspace/debugger

Idea created by Markus Schneider on Oct 4, 2017
    • Orlando
    • Johan Hedman
    • Markus Schneider
    • DavidThorp

    when we debug a script and have to edit that script for several reasons, that script will appear in a separate window, not in the scriptworkspace

    -> That window doesn't have any buttons for closing that window

    -> we have to click in the red round button (OSX) to close that. Nothing happens, all fine with that



    we're now back in the debugger, we wan't to stop debugging

    -> clicking on the red round button (OSX) will NOT only stop debugging, it will RUN the script

    -> for stoping the debugger without any further action, we have to click the rectangular button, not the OS-button


    This is imho more a bug than a feature request since one can destroy data this way


    closing the debugger via os-button should not run. I can understand the reason to run the script, but I mean: 'Safety first'!