We were all newbies once

Idea created by DavidZakary on Oct 4, 2017
    • smizrahi
    • jrenfrew
    • DavidZakary

    Every year there are people new to the FileMaker platform attending DevCon. FileMaker is always looking to grow the number of people using the platform but not getting those basic FileMaker skills down can lead to a world of pain down the road.


    Probably best as a training-day session - what are the basic skills you wish you had when you first double-clicked that FileMaker icon?

    • Dealing with the Client, the Project and the Team
      • Managing time, deliverables and expectations
      • Project documentation for both internal and client use
      • Proposal writing to protect yourself and your intellectual property but still sell the project
      • Not biting off more than you can chew
    • Creating a "starter file" that you'll use more than once
      • Layouts, themes, scripts, standardized everything
    • Testing and debugging
    • Where to find resources for learning, help, design, inspiration