iOS App SDK Solutions with zero User Interaction

Idea created by AppGuy on Oct 5, 2017
    • jbante

    I would like to see a few sessions around the iOS App SDK.


    How to deploy your app in the iOS SDK to where your users don't have to do anything but launch the app. Show how versioning, build numbers, and migration of data happens.


    The idea of this topic would be to create an database/app that is local not hosted.  Also show how syncing might fit into the equation as well.


    Items to be covered:

    1. options in Xcode
    2. Plugins??
    3. versions and handling upgrades when you push a new app version to your ipads
    4. migration of data from one database to another with zero user interaction
    5. Syncing of data to server
    6. Profile Manager is free and comes with server.. you can deploy and manage all your devices with it, including pushing iOS SDK Apps.


    Any anything else related to iOS App SDK..