FileMaker Automation for WebDirect & Pro users

Idea created by CarstenLevin on Oct 5, 2017
    • jrenfrew
    • CarstenLevin

    Session suggestion:

    One or more sessions on automation of FileMaker Solutions. The point: Removing the process from the user/the user interface. Just one example: Instead of letting a report (or something else) be generated by the script running from the Pro client or in WebDirect when the user activates it, then let it be done by a robot (past method) or server script (now realistic with PDF on server).

    The same for other routines like sending emails, integraton/transfer of data to/from other systems etc.

    The advantage:

    • No or lesser risk of the user stopping the process and ending with the database or process in an unknown state.
    • User will not have to wait for the process to finish.
    • Safer when running in a controlled environment (server or robot) because you know what drives/services are available. Just one example here, when sending email from a portable pc/mac you do not know if the smtp server set up in the script is availabe/open from this place. When doing it from the server it is a verified/known setup.

    Possible focus:

    • Running the routines activated by the client on the server (PSOS) or setting a parameter which will let a server script do it next time it runs. And the advantage/issues with each of those two approaches.
    • Generation daily or hourly reports and other data for the user on the server and keeping them ready even before the user request them.
      • Or even automating the generation + giving them to those who should have them ...
    • Techs: Robot, PSOS, Server Scheduled Scripts.


    I am preparing a session with this exact theme for FileMaker Devcon Scandinavia this month. I will return back after that session. FileMaker Devcon Scandinavia is in English and I will consider building on that experience and suggest a session for FileMaker Devcon US 2018.