Revamped insert file script step

Idea created by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Oct 8, 2017
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    Since FileMaker 7, a great job has been done to reduce the script/layout dependency.

    Some may remember the times when even Replace field contents required the target field to be on the current layout.

    A lot of these were removed, until version 16 in which was introduced Insert into a variable for some script steps.


    Still, not all script steps are affected, and there is a good reason for that.

    Insert picture or Insert PDF are not. They still require that the field is on the layout, and even active.


    Why active, I don't know (but you cannot select a field in the script step, so only the active field can be targeted)

    But why you can't insert a picture or a PDF is clearer:

    The result of the insert step will be different if the layout object is optimized for images or interactive content (tab 4 of inspector)



    The problem is that depending on

    • the script step used (insert file, insert picture…)
    • the layout object formatting

    The result will be different.


    And… I'm quite sure not everyone is very aware of the differences (this is an understatement)


    What I would suggest is a revamped insert file script step with maybe an advanced tab where you could see/control everything FileMaker is currently doing without you to really want it.


    • should be prefix insensitive (image:, file:…), all should be supported. [Side note: if Insert picture could also support file: prefix it would save a lot of times where you wonder why you get an error 3 (command unavailable) before you realize that you just switched from insert file to insert picture without updating the path.]
    • should be able to define if you want to insert as a picture, an interactive PDF or as an icon.