Script steps where a file path can be defined should be able to use container fields or variables

Idea created by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Oct 8, 2017

    Script steps where a file path can be defined to select a file should be able to use container fields.


    • Insert file
    • Insert picture
    • Insert PDF
    • Insert Audio/Video
    • Send Mail (select attachment)
    • Import records



    Alternatively, and it would even be more flexible and would require less UI change, a new prefix in the existing model (file:, filewin:…), would allow using variables of container type.






    Usage :

    Set variable [ $myAttachment ; table::field ] Send Mail [ -> attachement path can be defined as:


         filewin:c:/there/here/file.txt //(as always, first found is selected)



    Benefits (examples are for Send Mail step, but same would apply to other steps)

    • on a WAN connection, would use less traffic than Export field contents / Send Mail
    • server side, would allow sending an attachement without having to use open storage of containers or find work arounds to get the file path.
    • would work around the limitation of Web Direct access to the file system.