New script step: open snapshot

Idea created by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Oct 10, 2017

    Snapshots are a fantastic feature, but its usage is too limited.

    In many situations, they could be a core component of our solutions if we could control how they open.


    The following limitations are there for good reasons but they could be reconsidered in the context of a script step:


    • snapshots always open in a new window
    • if the target file is already open, the user need to have the right to display the toolbar on in least one window
    • script triggers (onLayoutLoad, onRecordLoad…) are appened to the script stack.
    • a prompt will tell the user if some records were deleted


    Again, these are absolutely logical in the context of a user available menu command, but a script step where you could choose

    • to open a snapshot in a new window OR to replace the contents of the current window
    • that wouldn't require the right to display the toolbar if running in full access
    • that would trigger scripts on the spot if the snapshot replaces the content of first window
    • could optionally not prompt the user


    …would be incredibly useful.


    Would make a perfect communication tool, a navigation history… so many use cases.

    Besides, combined with this feature request Script steps where a file path can be defined should be able to use container fields or variables , would be compatible with Web Direct.