Network/Security: Basic DNS server setup for FMS SSL on LAN

Idea created by bigtom on Oct 16, 2017
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    Setting up a basic local DNS server to allow LAN to connect to FMS with SSL. Examples using Win Server and macOS (OS X Server). More and more clients are refusing to accept the orange lock situation and I can't be the only one.


    I understand that some networks can get complicated, but a vast majority of small businesses that opt to use a local server are generally using a simple single router LAN. I think this basic knowledge of how to properly setup a DNS local DNS server for FMS would be valuable for many developers as the network and security part of FMS becomes more important in the deployment.


    Things to cover:

    • DNS server setup. Using the FMS machine vs using a separate server.
    • Properly using subdomains for LAN traffic to FMS with FQDN while still allowing traffic to WAN website if both using the same ".com". The need for 2 SSL certs or how to install a UCC or Wildcard certificate properly.
    • Disabling the ability to connect to FMS with a local machine name and force use of FQDN.


    Could have more things added this is just a start.