"Go To Record...." Option for Sort Records Script Step

Idea created by vfoecke on Oct 18, 2017
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    I would like to see a parameter added to the Sort Records script step that would allow me to specify which record to make active after records in a Found Set are sorted.

    I would propose that there be a choice of:

    - got to first record

    - go to last record

    - remain at currently active record


    Here's why this would be immensely helpful.

    My database has numerous (about 40) layouts showing MANY records each in List view.  Most of these layouts show records from from different tables.  (My database has 67 tables.)

    For most of these layouts, the users want the ability to sort the records by any of the fields shown.  I do this by making the field label a button that calls a script.  ALL of these scripts consist of only 2 commands:

    Sort Records (with the relevant sort sequence specified)

    Go To Record [First]


    If the Sort Records command could include the Go To Record option, I could clean out more than 100 tiny scripts from my database.