Window Scoped Variable

Idea created by bruderdog on Oct 18, 2017

    Can we add another variable that is tied to the window. I've seen the whole development community move away from using multiple windows due to our increasing reliance on variables for storing UI info and data. While I love single-window apps, using multiple should not be as development-intensive as it is now.


    With variables that are accessible only within the scope of a specific window (or windows if you wanna get fancy), we could do so many things with greater ease. Dynamic navigation, Multiple virtual list reports, Reusable merge variables, that retain correct values when navigating in another window, all of these and MAAANY more tasks would become readily accessible to the dev community.


    NOTE: This post was previously titled $$$Window Scoped Variable. While I clarified in the original description that I was only advocating for the concept of a window scope for variables and not suggesting we actually use $$$, I have changed the title for clarity. Newcomers will find a hearty discussion about variable naming in the comments and frequent references to this prefix. I think the community and FM should discuss and come up with the best possible prefixing solution for specifying window scope rather than global and local variables, and the general sentiment is that prepending additional dollar signs is not a good approach.