Genius Bar Day on Thursday

Idea created by smizrahi on Oct 19, 2017
    • smizrahi

    DevCon 2017 was my first devcon and I loved it. Particularly helpful was the Genius Bar (I think I have the name right). But it ended on Wednesday. So my idea is, concurrent with the FBA Day on Thursday, run a genius bar room for all or most of the day on Thursday for those who are not involved with the FBA. I would definitely stay for this and I cannot imagine I would be the only one.

    What would a genius bar room be? One large room with lots of tables staffed with a bunch of folks from the Genius Bar. People could spend as much of the day as they want (or need) in the room working on their databases and when the inevitable -- "why is this not doing what I want it to" or "I think I need a different relationship" comes up, you can raise you hand and get help from a Genius. I realize this would be mostly of interest to beginning/inter types like me, but if you want to encourage new membership in the community, this would do it --especially if well advertised.