Add and Extend the Layout Tools Pallet

Idea created by vince.menanno on Oct 27, 2017

    With a few exceptions it seems like we have had the same layout tools pallet since version 7. Again with a few exceptions. And don't get me wrong I love the additions of Slide panels, Tab Panels and button bars.


    But the layout development area could use a major overhaul. I know that a great deal of attention is also placed on the new to FileMaker person to make it easy to create, or extend an app. But I think it bears equally mentioning that there is a large and thriving developer community that could really use some fresh new tools to work with.


    What the layout tools area had a way to expose add-ons that developers build - much like Omnigraffle. So you could load some approved and betted add-ons into your development environment. That  would be nice


    But what if the layout tools also offered a quick way to add a new design pattern. It's great that we'll have master detail at some point in the future but there are so many design patterns, that it would be great to expose them as starting templates of some kind.


    But most of all it would be great to see an weather of tools that we can quickly and easily add to our solutions. For example a slider widget that can take the input from the user or via script and visually show the amount on the slider.

    If the field gets updated manually the slider shows the new value. If the user slides the slider then the value gets updated automatically. That is just one example but the list is huge...


    Progress bars

    Contextual Menus - That we can create and control

    Notification controls

    Popover Panels that get activated on hover

    Better controls over formatting of calendar picker and interaction with calendar picker - resize it and style it

    Adding images to drop down menu choices

    Color Picker

    Drag and Drop Tool

    Easier Integration with java script charting libraries - maybe update the current charting tool in favor of something more flexible

    Flexible Portal Tool - add and remove columns in list or portals

    Flexible Portal Tool - horizontal scrolling portals

    Flexible Portal Tool - resize and reorder columns in list or portals

    Flexible Portal Tool - Built in filtering for each column

    Support for spark lines

    File System Explorer

    Move objects as a whole. Let's say I wanted to act on a portal row ... i could drag the whole row to some drop zone

    Split panes - Vertical/Horizontal

    Accordion Views

    Window object tools

    Java script Widget Integration Tool

    Built in navigation tool - so we could expose them on the layout and they would provide the user not just record navigation etc ... but layout and found set navigation with ways to show the the data set changed (if records were deleted ) and options to add records if based on a found set