Centralised Preferences

Idea created by Johan Hedman on Oct 30, 2017
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    Like in most other software/web pages when you save your settings it does not matter where you open up that software next time, your credentials will show same information no matter if you are on a Mac/Window/iPad are located in China, Australia or at a bar on Manhattan.


    What I would like to have is that my personal saved preferences are stored by FileMaker Inc (FMI), and when I open my FileMaker Pro/Go I will automatically get all my:



         Last opened files

         Preference settings


         Data Viewer / Watch


    This would make things so much easier in many cases.


    After buying a new computer/device and not having to install and manage all above from scratch

    Having same view no matter where I am developing


    I am already asked by Apple on my MacBook to store some of my personal information, I do not mind having FMI taking care of this preferences for me.