"Export Header" Value Associated with Field Definition

Idea created by richardsrussell on Oct 31, 2017
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    Right now, when creating a new field (or editing an existing one), we can specify:

    • Field Name

    • Type (text, number, date, etc.)

    • Options (Auto-Enter, Validation, Storage)

    • Comments


    I would like to see an additional option:

    • Export Header


    This would be the value that, if it had something in it, would be used in lieu of the field name as the column title for exported CSV and tabbed-text files. Of course, this assumes that the "Export Records" command (and script step) would include the ability to have a row of column headers for such files, the way it does automatically for FMP files and offers as an option for Excel files, and akin to the way the "Import Records" command acknowledges that this is a common practice.


    This would save one of my clients the bothersome step of manually pasting a header line into the CSV files he needs to send to his production-printing software.