FileMaker WebDirect to talk to other FMS machines

Idea created by Johan Hedman on Nov 3, 2017
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • delltechservices
    • Johan Hedman

    FileMaker Pro can setup access to other FileMaker files hosted on other FileMaker Servers and use them like there where hosted on the same machine. Same way as we use ESS tables from other data sources.


    But when using FileMaker WebDirect we can not use the same technique to setup a table from another FileMaker Server and use




    FileMaker Server 1 - have files GUI + Data1 hosted.

         The files have a privilege set that allow users to access though FileMaker WebDirect.


    FileMaker Server 2 - have file Data2 hosted

         The file have privilege set with same name and password as set on FMS1 on files GUI and Data1. Privilege Set allow FileMaker WebDirect to access.


    In file GUI I add a table Person from file Data2. I create a layout and add the TO Person to that layout. That all works great working in FileMaker Pro. If I try to access same layout using FileMaker WebDirect, I can not see anything on that layout.


    I want FileMaker WebDirect to behave the same way as it does on using files from same FMS