Chart 'tooltip' content

Idea created by johnbuckingham on Nov 15, 2017

    When there are many data points on a chart, it can be difficult to identify a particular element.


    Currently, I believe that the 'tooltip' shown on hovering over a chart element only shows the 'Y-axis' data. Generally, in the charts I've defined, this is the numeric value associated with that element and is reasonably easy to quantify from the values on the y-axis sidebar.


    I appreciate that changes to allow the 'tooltip' to be definable may be a costly implementation. But, might it be feasible to modify the behaviour to include the corresponding 'X-axis' value as well?


    In other words; if there is a chart element, instead of the 'tooltip' showing (for example): 'Value: 123456', could it natively show for a chart where x=month/year and y=values: 'X: 12/2017, Y: 123456'?


    Such a change would, I think, make it very much easier to identify the information. (Though, obviously, if a user-defined 'tooltip' content was available, that would be even better!)