Font Size: Script Workspace and Other Interfaces.

Idea created by bigtom on Nov 26, 2017

    The default fonts for the script workspace and calculation interfaces are too small. For people who look at a the screen all day it is nice on the eyes to have larger fonts available. As well for those of us with large screens that can have them further away to also ease degradation of vision the issue is even more of a problem.  I see this as bad enough to be an overall product usability issue. Those with poor near field vision have it even worse.  I have been plugging the idea for a couple years to FMI people at DevCon, but I guess it is better to see if the community is on board with this overall.


    This should work from the preferences menu and using cmd + "+" and cmd + "-". This does not need to be an infinite adjustment Maybe just regular, large and extra large.


    This should apply to any text.

    • script workspace
    • calculation interface
    • data viewer
    • manage database
    • manage layouts
    • import dialog
    • Inspector
    • and just about everything else


    The only way around this is to decrease overall screen resolution so the text is readable. How silly is that. I need to dumb down an entire 5k display to read stuff in FM?


    The current FileMaker fonts work and are easily readable for me until about 24 inches (60cm) with a standard iMac 27" using the full default resolution. I have good vision within 30 ft and I would say that is a good enough for evaluating this issue.  The working distance of my monitors is 32-36 inches (80-90cm). At this distance I have a hard time distinguishing some characters and the text is more difficult to read overall. I sometimes have to lean in to the 24-28 inch (60-70cm) range to read things.


    This is not really acceptable. The readability of this text in FileMaker is less than 50% of the preferred screen viewing distance range (20-40 inches / 50-100cm) according to OSHA! They recommend screens to be further away and to increase font sizes as needed to minimize stress on eyes, neck and back. Does this classify FM as an occupational health hazard?


    Computer Workstations eTool | Workstation Components - Monitors | Occupational Safety and Health Administration


    Changing the font sizes in FM is not possible. I cannot think of any other platform that does not offer this feature.


    A few Platforms/Apps that do offer this:

    • xCode
    • Visual Studio
    • Just about anything Adobe
    • Any text editor