Script Debugger tool tip shows field/variable values

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on Dec 1, 2017
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    When running a script in debugger mode, most of the time I want to check specific values in the current context. I can look for the field/variable in the Data Viewer Current panel, or enter all fields and variables into the Watch panel. But there are some disadvantages.

    • If the script uses many fields, the list in the Current panel is very long and I have to scroll up and down to bring a desired value into view.
    • I could add some fields/variables/calculations to the watch panel, but now they are all recalculated over and over again.
    • If the field/variable contains a multi-line value (a list or a longer text), I have to double-click the expression in the Data Viewer, see the value, and close the window again, or I hover with the mouse over the expression there and wait until the tool tip shows the value.
    • My eyes are switching between Debug window and Data Viewer a lot.


    I look for a solution that is faster and helps me debug a script more efficient.



    Adding a tool tip to the Script Debugger.


    When I hover the mouse over a field, variable, or expression, the tool tip will show me the current content of the object like this is done in the Data Viewer.

    • Field – show field content
    • Variable – show variable content
    • Function, e. g. Get( ActivePortalRowNumber ) – show function result
    • Perform Script
      • If this is the next step to be processed, the tool tip will show the script parameter
      • If this command was just executed, the tool tip will show the script result
    • ...



    • The values are shown where they matter, in the Script Debugger
    • No window switching and looking for the one field that is interesting for me right now
    • See context values without adding (and soon deleting) a new expression to the watch panel



    Most of the items for these features are kind of included in FileMaker, but not at the right place.

    • The data viewer marks already the fields and variables of the current script step
    • The tool tip in the Data Viewer already shows the contents of fields and variables
    • Now combine these features and add them into the Debug window.


    Happy FileMaking!

    Arnold Kegebein