Step(s) timer in Debugger

Idea created by Vincent_L on Dec 6, 2017



    Timing execution is very important when creating a script. But it's cumbersome to set up.

    I think I just had a good idea that would help a lot in most case, and that would also educate people about speed bottlenecks.


    It would be very simple.


    Just display the time it took to complete the step, or steps (from current position to next debug mark), in the debugger's header bar, next to the buttons. That way, timing a step, a bunch of step, or the whole script will be readily available without having to mess with the code. This would be very useful in most cases.

    Of course in production timing is also a thing, so this won't address ALL timing needs, but this will be available when creation / debugging a script and will educate people about that.


    Please display the timing in seconds so that's readable for humans, but with 3 decimals (down to ms)




    This would save us considerable dev time, and even highlight problems very early in the dev process