Have "Get ( ActiveFieldName )" Return the FULL Field Name

Idea created by richardsrussell on Dec 11, 2017
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • David Julot
    • Johan Hedman
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    • Markus Schneider
    • richardsrussell

    Right now, if you have a field on a layout that's native to that layout's table (let us say "This Table::Phone Number") and trigger a "Get ( ActiveFieldName )" function upon exiting the field, you'll get just the "Phone Number" part, not the prefix "This Table::". If that same layout has another field from a related table (let us say "Other Table::Phone Number"), that too returns "Phone Number" with this function.


    If I try to use "Set Field by Name" using the name supplied by the "Get ( ActiveFieldName )" function, it will set the "Phone Number" field from "This Table", even when I'm exiting from the "Other Table" field. What I'm looking for is the name of the exact field, prefix and all, so I can refer to it properly with a "Set Field by Name" command.


    Clearly, the program is aware of what the field's name is, since a simple double-click on it in Layout mode brings that information right up. Why can't the program make that info available to us developers? That way, I could write a single script that I could attach as a trigger to any number of different fields without having to hard-code the field name separately for each of dozens of different scripts.