New function: Get ( RemoteCallsCount )

Idea created by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Dec 16, 2017

    Currently, the best way to detect a potential slow down of a solution is to keep the server admin console open, set the logging interval to a few seconds only and observe the number of remote calls caused by user actions.

    It’s fine, but doesn’t work when many users are connected (you have to go to the client stat pane but it’s not very readable), and the feature isn’t available in FileMaker Cloud.

    What would be awesome would be to have a client side calculation function Get ( RemoteCallCount )


    It would return the number of remote calls to the host of the active file since the application launch. (reset only on app quit)


    this is because you can work on multiple servers and an action in one file can trigger a calculation in another file that’s causes remote calls as well.


    Typically, one could use it in a calc like:



    Let ([

        c = get ( RemoteCallCount );

        result = Sum ( table::field ) ;

        $c = get ( remoteCallCount ) - c






    so $c would return the number of remote calls caused by the Sum.