Better FM Server Admin Console handling of encrypted files

Idea created by Andy Hibbs on Dec 20, 2017
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • ThierryGuemboura
    • Johan Hedman
    • Andy Hibbs
    • BeatriceBeaubien
    • tcfitzgerald

    We need a more efficient method of managing encrypted files within the admin console.


    Although using Chrome (on Mac and Windows) to run the admin console is a nightmare by constantly losing focus on the file having an action applied to it, this hasn't been such an issue due to being able to shift click and perform actions on multiple files. As Chrome is far and away the most popular browser, this needs fixing as very few server administrators are going to install Safari on their Windows servers, which does behave better (the jury is out on Edge).


    However, with the introduction of GDPR and the subsequent likely-hood of needing to have the hosted files encrypted at rest, FM Server doesn't allow multiple files to be opened, each file has to be opened by entering the encryption password. The 'remember password' only works for server restarts, but not if a file is swapped out for an updated version and separated or multi-file solutions result in a lot of additional management as every file has to have the password entered and remembered again. One server we have (as an SBA) has 80 files hosted, that's 80 passwords to be entered and remembered, despite many being part of the same solution.


    With GDPR becoming law in the EU in May, which will also affect any US companies holding EU citizen's data, we  need a more efficient management system for each encrypted file. If a file is replaced with an updated version that uses the same encryption password, the 'remember password' should apply to this. Currently, on a separated or multi-file solution a single file update requires each file to have its encryption password entered and remembered again.