Search for anything within a script natively, would be nice !!!

Idea created by jfencil on Dec 26, 2017

    Hello FM Community,



    Search for anything within a script, would be nice !!!



    I would love to be able to search for anything within the script workspace. Right now we can only pull up the name of the scripts within the script workspace, but I would like to find a specific if statement or go to all "Go to Layout script steps" within the script itself to locate where I need to be. Some of my scripts are very long and takes a while for me to locate a specific section of the script. ( I know some of you will tell me to work on simplifying my scripts so I do not have this issue, but just saying that it would be a very nice shortcut.)


    I apologize if this is a very specific or duplicate request, although I did not find an exact description of this idea.