Field Type: Binary

Idea created by bigtom on Jan 1, 2018

    Proposing a new field type, Binary. Data keeps growing and FM continues to integrate with other systems that have widespread Binary usage. Even native UUIDs are Hex and can be managed better as Binary data. The overhead to index and manage a hex string or number as Text in FileMaker is costly and not necessary.


    The benefits would be increases in speed of index and search for these fields as well as smaller overall file size. Certainly it is known that other databases often have a Binary data type, and this would allow some better compatibility as well.


    This would be accompanied by a function GetAsBinary ( ).


    Many files are using UUIDs for key fields and this would be a decent improvement in the overall performance compared to using Text while keeping the benefits of a UUID. This is not isolated to UUIDs. Binary use is widespread for many things.


    Things to talk about are how this data type would be backwards compatible with older versions.