Single Seat ALA for FMP/FMPA and FLT

Idea created by bigtom on Jan 1, 2018

    I (and a lot of clients) would like to see single seat ALA (Annual License Agreement) licensing for Legacy licensing as well as FLT. This seems to be touching more and more small 1 and 2 seat small business users and smaller independent developers. You can quickly see that the AVLA cost of a 1xFMPA and 4xFMP is about the same as individual 1xFMP and 1xFMPA.


    There are also many developers that would be happy to see a single seat FMPA ALA and this would provide an easier cost of entry into developing with FM.


    There have been plenty of threads where developers have complained about the single seat entry and upgrade costs of FMPA. There have also been plenty of threads where clients moved to other platforms where this kind of licensing is available. Plenty of threads where clients are not happy buying 5 FLT connections when they only need 1-3. A client that has 6 FLT connections (5+1) needs has a high cost to add just one more user. That single user costs them $540. That is a 60% cost increase overall and 38% increase per user. It is bad when a client likes FM and is ready to go, but the licensing model gets in the way of growth or even starting with the platform.


    If you know of such threads please post links here.


    FMI has a complicated list of SKUs.  This approach could reduce much of these to a single SKU. This would also allow for easy upgrades to FLT connections as needed.


    Ultimately, this would make is easier and simpler for clients to get into FM and grow. It would also make it easier to obtain more developers using FMPA and likely increase FBA membership as a result. This also keeps clients and developers engaged with FMI/Reseller at least once a year.