Restart page Number And Title Header

Idea created by Fred(CH) on Jan 18, 2018

    The Idea :


    When the option "Restart page Number after each occurrence" is set, it would be great, at least as an option, if the Part "Title Header" will print instead the Header on all "first" pages.


    Why ?


    Generally, for documents like Invoices, when the document handle multiple pages, the first page have to print larger/different header than the next pages.

    At this point the reasoning is to use the Title Header part for the first page.

    But if you want to be able to print a batch of this kind of documents, this seem impossible to achieve actually in one print job.

    Then you have to setup a loop where each iteration is printing one invoice, which is far from ideal for different reasons, like for instance performances, user experience, and of course more complicated design.


    Finally i think it would be more consistant if the two option Restart page Number And Title Header were linked, but now for compatibility reason, maybe better to add a new option for instance at layout level.