Make GetRepetition ( repeatingField ; number ) work with variables

Idea created by Vincent_L on Jan 24, 2018



    With "set variables" scrip step, you can create repetition, as with "set field" script step.

    So like set field, you can create repeating variables, but unfortunately, unlike set field, you cant't access those variable's repetitions in a native way.


    You can of course access them with an evaluate call, but that's not easy to figure out for newbies, and it's not optimized at all, and hence can be slow. And its not elegant, nor consistent.


    The fix is very easy, and will not make problems with existing code.


    All that FMI needs to do is to modify the current  GetRepetition ( repeatingField ; number ) function to allow it to work on variables rather then just fields.


    This would put variables on par with repeating fields, they're already 50% there, and this would speed up our code.


    More user, would more easily, and more quickly be able to used repeating variables, that can work as indexed arrays in a lot of situations.