Add an Integer option for Chart axis Data Type

Idea created by fitch on Jan 24, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • fitch
    • jbante

    ISSUE: Charts have a Data Type option for Number, which can be set as Decimal format with a fixed number of decimals at zero. But with a small found set of records, look at the Y-axis. See the duplicates? Those shouldn't be there.


    chart issue.png

    With "fixed number of decimals" un-checked, the numbers go:

    0 > .5 > 1 > 1.5 > etc.

    But this is nonsensical as we're talking about people and there's no half person.

    The chart works OK with larger groups but it needs to work with both large and small groups of records.


    IDEA: an Integer option for the Data Type should neatly solve this problem.