Filemaker Pro Card Window Close on click out option

Idea created by ericjlindholm on Jan 24, 2018

    This can hardly be called a "new idea" but I am hopeful that a high vote count could get this moved up in the list.


    Card Windows have the ability to simplify so many things.

    I use them in place of popovers all the time for obvious reasons.

    I am getting push back from end users on Filemaker Pro who want to be able to click out of them to close like a popover.  A lot of push back.  My only options are to maintain the same functions in many different contexts or tell the user to tough it out.  I can blame it on FM but the end user sees it as a down grade The only person receiving the benefit is the developer.


    please vote this up!


    Edit: to be clear, I want it to function just like it does on FMGo.  the OPTION to click out to close.