Manage UUIDs as a Number

Idea created by bigtom on Jan 26, 2018

    After working through discussion on the ideas of a Hex or Binary field type, I think that asking for UUIDs managed as numbers is the more reasonable idea to implement even though it might not have the best available performance.


    Basically this would be any way to manage UUIDs without a text word index. This would make things like imports and record creation faster in FM. Finds would also benefit from this and the goal would be that eSQL SELECT for NumberUUID would also benefit.


    The implementation could be either a checkbox in field options to use a text UUID field as a Number or a native function like Get (NumberUUID) that would generate a hex UUID and then convert it to base 10. This would require the UUID field to be a Number type vs Text.


    This would be the most backwards compatible step in this direction of improving performance of UUIDs and indexing.


    Older files would need a native function for conversion. UUIDAsNumber( text ). This would allow fields with a value generated by Get( UUID ) to be converted to a number and then the field could be changed from Text to Number.