Have FileMaker ever thought about making a FM file to match "Planning for Custom Apps"

Idea created by didigygroup on Jan 30, 2018
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • didigygroup

    I've been viewing the Planning for Custom Apps (Planning for Custom Apps ) webinar.


    Has FileMaker ever produced or thought about producing an FM DB where you can input ALL the information for each of the areas discussed in the webinar. IMHO FileMaker is the perfect solution for gathering the stakeholder feedback, initial ideas and concepts and being able to track all the way from concept to project completion.


    I've been a user of FM since 1990 and thought about doing something like this but it's a lot of work for one or two projects but would be a massive asset to encourage Users to use FM and make the whole process of Custom App creation a very easy, fast and accurate method.


    It would also be an excellent demonstration of just what can be done with FileMaker.