Idea created by fitch on Feb 1, 2018
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    Issue: a question we see over and over again is how to total up the number of "Yes" answers or other value from a field, whether it's a single value from radio buttons, or multiple values from checkboxes. (Typically it's text values, but it could also apply to number, date or time/timestamp fields.)


    Workarounds: create a calculated Boolean field and count that; or use a combination of List, FilterValues, and ValueCount; or ExecuteSQL; etc.


    Idea: a way to return a Count, but only of a specified value. This might look like:

    a) a Summary field where you could specify the value in the Summary options

    b) an additional optional parameter for GetSummary ( summaryField ; breakField {; value } )

    c) an aggregate calculation like CountOfSpecificValue ( related::field ; "value" )


    Example: Ideally this could work even on fields with multiple values, e.g.:

    ice cream flavors,

    record 1."chocolate¶vanilla¶strawberry"

    record 2."chocolate¶strawberry"

    CountOfSpecificValue ( ice cream flavors ; "chocolate" ) = 2


    Benefit: a huge boost to ease of generating reports. FileMaker makes it easy to input data, but sometimes it's challenging to get the data out. This idea will save both experienced developers and beginners a ton of time.


    Note: I was going to call the function "CountOfValue" but it occurred to me this might be too similar to ValueCount and cause confusion.