Only send parts of records from server to client

Idea created by innodat on Feb 16, 2018
    • Hemant Kumar Patel

    FileMaker being a server-client model, needs to send records from the server to the client in order for them to be processed (by the client).


    For mobile development or solutions with high record counts it would open up entirely new possibilities, if the Draco Engine was able to send only parts of a record from the server to the client.


    Let's assume that we have a table with 100'000 records and 50 fields. Currently FileMaker will send the content of all 50 fields across all x-number of records to the client, if any information from those records is requested by the client.


    Now picture a list view or a portal on an iPhone using just 5 out of these 50 fields.


    If FileMaker could only send the contents of those 5 fields from the server to the client, we would have a very substantial reduction in the amount of data that needs to get exchanged between the server and the client. If those 50 fields across 100'000 records amount for 10 MB of data, only 1 MB would have to be sent to the client.


    In our view, this would be nothing short of PHENOMENAL. Much faster processing speeds, much less network overhead.


    You might argue that we can have scripts executed on the server and only send the result to the client. However, in our experience the practical application of this feature is very limited and/or creates substantial development overhead. There's also a "lag" for server-processed data to arrive on the client, which further limits usability.