"Super" Edit-Stop-Hide Script Debugger Button

Idea created by alexis_gehrt on Feb 20, 2018
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    - Frankly. I often use the Script Debugger, just to go into a particular script of a button in order to edit it.

    - Sometimes I can't exactly remember the script name to search in the Script Workspace..


    So I turn on the Debugger

    Hit the Button and F6 (to step one step into the script)

    Then I always hit three buttons in a row.

    - First the Pencil to Exit the Script,

    - Second the Stop Square

    - Third the red close dot.


    In order to make my "habit" easier, I'd like to have one single button that does all of it...  I tried, but it seems Keyboard tricks such als ALT, ALT-CMD etc. are not build in for this...


    Script Debugger Feature Wish.png