More than 24h for server side script expiration delay

Idea created by Vincent_L on Feb 26, 2018
    • Vincent_L
    • CamelCase_data



    In FMS, you can specify an expiration delay for server side scripts, after which the server side script is terminated. Thats great to avoid rogue scripts to hog the CPU. Unfortunately that delay can't be set to more than 1439 minutes = 24h. I need more, I need 72 hours.


    So this time limit is arbitrary, even though its probable sufficient in 90% of cases, not having it being able to be more leaves me with the only solution to not specify any time limit, but times to times I've the issue of it running 5 days, which denotes a problem.


    Of course, some will argue that having a script running for days is not ok, or that having rogue scripts should be detected in the script itself, but this auto termination is here to avoid unplanned problem, when a script runs in an unexpected behavior.


    P.S : For those who are wondering, that scripts relies on another third party server  which is slow by itself. But the point is not to fix my issue, but fix an arbitrary time limit that can be too low for 10% of cases.