Rearrange Icons in Button Setup

Idea created by doubletelectech on Mar 6, 2018

    This is a small idea, but I would love to have the ability to re-arrange or group similar button icons in the Button Settings field.


    I started a small database that has grown into a huge project which will be at the core of my employer.  Over time I have accumulated a large number of icons for use in buttons on different layouts.  I have actually added to the database the identical icon more then once cause I couldn't find it in the selection window because unless I added them in the exact order and grouping they are scattered all over.


    This would be a great way to improve the design aspect when building my solution, finding the icon I want/need (depending on the manager asking) quickly and easily, especially if I could organize them with a method similar to how I can organize my scripts and my layouts.


    Second quick thought.... can we make that window either bigger or resizeable? That would also be a great improvement to finding the icon I need/want.