New item Show all Layouts… at Tools Menu level !

Idea created by Fred(CH) on Mar 16, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • arnoldkegebein
    • Johan Hedman
    • SteveNoble
    • Fred(CH)

    The idea

    Adding a new item in FMPA Tools menu "Show all Layouts", that provide the developer a rapid access in browse mode to any layouts of the database, using the actual Go to Layout Menu but overriding the checkbox "Include in Layout Menus".



    As a developer, we have to switch very fastly from a Layout to another, not only in Layout Mode, but also in Browse Mode, for instance because of debugging process; to achieve that, the Layout Menu shown in FM Toolbar or in The View Menu Go to Layout seem to be perfect, especially since we can do folders, sub-folder etc...


    (OK, we also have the common Manage Layout Item, but it need three or more clics and it also systematically open a new window thus we cannot call it navigation)


    However, we often don't want allow enduser to navigate in certain "internal" layouts and we are building strong GUI where only some specific layouts can be accessed directly.


    That latter problematic could bring us to systematically uncheck "Display in layout menu" at layout level, but one more time, it doesn't fit the developer needs but the UX only. That was the starting point of my idea "Advanced" only.


    So, OK, we actually can use the security layer to forbid the access to specific given layouts and when a script need to access it, we have to execute it with Full Access privilege. A bit painful.


    We have to definitely abandon the FM Toolbar for the enduser which is obviously too extreme.


    I don't now for you, but to me, neither of these actual solutions are really satisfying.


    I first thought about a new privilege, "Browsing with Layout menu" but that does not work, firstly because the Full Access privilege cannot be edited. That brought me to wonder about the checkbox Include in Layout Menu behavior : Why in the world a developer would forbid herself/himself to access a specific layout in Browse Mode ? Ah OK maybe because the actual checkbox is a display preference not a security feature ?


    As you can see, this problematic is not so simple that we could firstly think also because of coherence with actual features.


    With my idea, the developer could browse layouts in browse mode as freely as he's doing in layout mode without breaking anything that already exist and a contrario, reusing an actual feature.


    As a simpler alternative, we could of course imagine to systematically override the Include in menu checkbox when Full Access is granted. It would be OK for me, but less sure for all of us. And also, as for debugging purpose, it is useful to be able to have the endusers point of view, for instance if a layout have the cross in "include in Layout menu" when it should not.


    Anyways, *something* has to be done.