Need a Comment field added to the Manage Database > Tables window

Idea created by rodwright on Mar 25, 2018

    I've seen some discussion about this, including workarounds, and I understand what everyone is saying here. However, in my particular case, I don't believe I should have to search the Relationships to find where I added a text comment to tell me the intended purpose of a table. My tables also tend to appear multiple times in the Relationship window. I don't want to have to duplicate the text comment every time. Adding a comment to the table name makes sense in a short hand way, but that doesn't necessarily help me explain the intent of the table. For example, I have tables for Organization, Company, Agency, etc. Yes, I can tell how they interact by looking at the fields in each, but I shouldn't have to do that when I could easily, completely explain it if there were a simple Comment field on the Tables window as there is on the Fields window (under Manage Database).