Bold the name of Primary Table Occurrences on the Relationship Graph

Idea created by TonyWhite on Mar 27, 2018

    A summary of your idea:
    Auto-bolding the names of Primary Table Occurrences on the Relationship Graph

    Why this idea is important to you:
    Primary Table Occurrences are a best practice choice to be the Anchor Table Occurrence on projects that are using the “Anchor-Buoy” method of managing the Relationship Graph.

    You can have a Relationship Graph that looks like it is “Anchor-Buoy” but is not really...because the Primary Table Occurrences are being used as Buoy tables without this being visually obvious.  

    Specific use cases you are looking to solve:
    Optimizing the readability of the Relationship Graph to empower construction and refactoring with the goals of more readable, scalable, and even faster FileMaker systems.

    This might be a relatively easy to implement feature and therefore have a high Return on Investment (ROI). We already have italicized Table Occurrence names (for external Source Tables)