Allow temporary folder location on FileMaker server to be configurable

Idea created by sblatter on Mar 29, 2018
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • Extensitech
    • Johan Hedman
    • Chris Irvine
    • Vincent_L
    • Markus Schneider

    As it relates to the folder location for temporary files that are used on the server for perform script on server, printing, and for WebDirect - it will be architecturally beneficial from a performance & reliability standpoint to have the temporary folder location on the FileMaker server to be configurable.


    This will allow high performance dedicated SSD/RAM (scratch) disks to be dedicated for this task.


    In addition, this will keep the operating system drive clean & free from any impact on FileMaker server's activity - increasing overall system reliability.

    By having the server drives divided and allocated as follows - performance, reliability, & scalability would be greatly improved:

    1. Operating System & FileMaker Server program files.

    2. Operating System Swap/Paging files.

    3. FileMaker Server Temporary files.

    4. FileMaker Server Database Files.

    5. FileMaker Server Backup files.

    This is especially true in Cloud based server environments.

    For example, I am currently testing and running a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard running FileMaker Server 16.04 on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


    I did a GCP migration of an active local server, since GCP only provides Windows Server Data Center Version images and FMS only supports the "Standard" version of MS Windows Server 2016.


    I have configured the virtual server with 4 Xeon cores, 8GB RAM, & 1 Persistent SSD drive. This is being test and  used primarily for WebDirect users.


    However, GCP offers 320GB directly attached SSD scratch disks at half the price of the Persistent SSD disks with about triple the performance! The only downside to using these directly attached high performance/high capacity drives is that they are erased when the server is shut down. (They are not erased if the server is rebooted.).


    By using these drives for FileMaker's temporary files/folders, you would allow for greater performance and efficiencies in scale and cost.


    Please let me know your thoughts on this or if this is on a feature track.