Solution for Prompts that play hide and seek

Idea created by Cécile on Apr 1, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • Cécile
    • Johan Hedman

    I often interrupt myself to pursue and idea when I am in layout mode. Today it tricked me. I was in the Button Bar Setup dialog, typing a title when half way through the word, I decide I need to check synonyms for something better. So I go in the browser and when I come back to FileMaker, the entire window is frozen 1. I can't close it but it is not saying not responding.I close all other applications, look on the desktop but I don't see any modal hanging around so I open the task manager thinking I will have to kill the process but I see two submenu items. I right click 2 on one and I have the option to bring to front. That is how I discovered 3 that there was an alert prompt that had poped up when I changed window to do my web search. When I click on the FM icon on the taskbar and get back to FM, this time the dialog is on top and I can click ok 4. Because it is modal, everything else was frozen.


    Because I often work with various apps at the same time, this happens often. While it is possible to wave over the task bar to select a modal window for other Windows applications, this is not possible with FileMaker. When you get back to the application, what you see is the window and layout you were working on but the modals are not visible.


    I don't know how this could be resolved but it would be great to have an alternative to Alt+Ctrl+Delete!