Null value option in dynamic value lists

Idea created by mirandanelson on Apr 5, 2018

    Can we get a checkbox in the value list definition pane to include a null value? This is easy to do in a custom value list but not in a dynamic value list.


    My preference would be that the null value option in a value list would show at the top with one of the usual placeholder text strings such as < blank > or [ no value ].


    This would allow for a user to clear a field formatted as either a radio button, drop-down calendar,  or a pop-up list in a more logical and obvious way. It would allow users to clear a field formatted as a drop-down list without having to allow custom values.


    Of course, selecting that null "value" in a value list would return "" instead of the placeholder text.


    There are other reasons why I'd like this. Suffice it to say I don't like creating a record that the dynamic value list is based on with placeholder text in the target field. Then creating an auto-enter calc to Substitute( Field; "< blank >"; "").