Idea created by TunghuaTai on Apr 6, 2018

    Data API and cUrl is a great break through for the API economy, it would be great if we are able to receive Webhook at FileMaker Server.


    Why this is important:

    May web services like "online form", "facebook messenger api", "telegram", "weChat" etc, these big companies will not write a program to connect to our Data API to add record, they will just simply through a webhook to our server, now we have to write a web service by PHP or node.js to receive this webhook and then connect to filemaker Data API to add record, if FileMaker Data API have a function to receive webhook, it will save a lot of time to implement this middleware.


    Screenshot 2018-04-07 14.18.25.png


    How it works:

    Solution one: If I am able to create a table specially to receive webhook, when a webhook comes in, one record will be add automatically, this table only need two field, "request header" and "json".

    Solution two: When a webhook comes in, I can decide a script to run, webhook data in script parameter, I can use get(scriptParameter) to obtain the data.


    With "Data API", "cUrl" and "Webhook" these three tools, we can do almost everything about API.