Specify Field shortcuts

Idea created by PeterDoern on Apr 10, 2018

    This is a very specific product request because, once upon a time, I could hit Command + K in Layout Mode and the Specify Field dialog would pop up with the selected field highlighted. I miss that.


    Today, there are two ways to change the source of a field on a layout:

    1. Double-click on the field object on the layout itself

    2. Select the field object and then click on the pencil button next to the field name on panel 4 of the Inspector.


    Under normal circumstances, either of these options is adequate. However, in a situation where you've copied a group of fields over from a layout based on a different TO, it becomes tedious to say the least. Lots of mouse travel.


    The Layout Objects window is very useful for seeing all of the fields on a layout, but double-clicking on a field in this window does not open the Specify Field dialog.


    My product request is to restore shortcuts to Specify Field. This could include:

    • a new keyboard shortcut, or
    • changing the behaviour of the Field Picker so that the selected field is highlighted and can be changed, or
    • opening the Specify Field dialog when a field object is double-clicked in the Layout Objects Window, or
    • all of the above.


    In the meantime, for Mac users here is an Automator Workflow that will select the little pencil button on Inspector panel 4 for you. I think installation is as simple as dropping this in ~/Library/Services/. You might have to relaunch the Finder. You can assign any keyboard shortcut you like in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. You might also need to give FileMaker Pro permission to control your computer in the Accessibility preferences (you'll be prompted).