Transfer Found Set - Enhanced Snapshot Link

Idea created by vince.menanno on Apr 10, 2018

    Often times we need to transfer the found set to the server. A single record is easy. We can just transfer that primary key. But a list of records is not so easy. It would be great to be able have a reliable, built in, way to do this.


    One thought would be if FileMaker offered some internal-snapshot-link capability. So much like what have with the snapshot link today but a scripted way to send it.


    Maybe the solution is that we export the snapshot link and there could be a new script step that can digest a snapshot link. Also thinking this through a little ... would be nice if there was some kind of signature that said you have 100 records in this snapshot link ... when the server opens it up, or finally gets to it. It could verify that it still is the same 100 records. So no records were deleted in the time it took from generating it to finally reconstituting it.


    This would be a huge help and especially helpful if we wanted to do things with PSoS or with the data API.