Add Script Parameter Button for Direct Access

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on Apr 10, 2018
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    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • arnoldkegebein
    • jbante

    The Idea

    To minimize mouse clicks for the developer I suggest a Script Parameter button whereever you assign a script, e.g. in the Button Setup.


    How it is today

    Currently there a usually two objects:

    1. A wider object showing the selected script; click here and it opens the script in the script editor.
    2. A square button; click here to assign a script or change the selected script.


    How it should be

    I suggest a third object, another squared button for the script parameter. Click here and you go straight to the Calculation Editor with the currently defined script parameter.



    This direct access can be added to many places:

    • In the context menu in the Layout Objects window; add the following:
      • Button Setup
      • Open Script (only visible/accessible if a button script is selected)
      • Edit Script Parameter (only visible/accessible if a button script is selected)
    • In the context menu of (m)any layout objects
    • In the Inspector when FileMaker finally adds a sections for Button Scripts and Trigger Scripts