The French word for Layout

Idea created by Cécile on Apr 14, 2018

    That will sound weird to post here but bear with me.I cannot, for the life of me, work with the French interface. My first language IS French. My client IS French Canadian as well. So I am building a French interface working on the English platform.

    No problem, everything is compatible so my English scripts are not an issue. I must often correct myself because I tend to name objects in English (usually shorter words) but again, not an issue. Of course the names of the layouts are in French.


    All is well no? No.  When I try to document the solution or teach my client, inevitably I stumble on "Layout."


    See, in English, you would tell your client:  "When you want to see the ongoing project, you access the Projects LAYOUT by clicking here."


    Well, in French, you would say: "Pour voir les projets en cours, va au MODÈLE Projets en cliquant ici."


    If FileMaker had wanted to call Layouts "Template" they would have done so. But they did not, in English, at least, because frankly that would not -and does not - make sense. A template is a TEMPLATE; not the end document, web page or applicative view/screen/window/canvas/page.  Granted, the word layout itself is closer to the word composition, rather than to the page concept. Nevertheless, since the word can be used both for the browse view and the composition view (layout mode) it is acceptable. And also very easy to slip in a sentence because in "non- FileMaker world" it does not have a very different connotation.


    Before developing in FileMaker, I was an Word Office expert, and was developing in VBA add-ins and TEMPLATES. For years, I have preached to clients the important difference between a Document, an EXAMPLE, a gauge, and a TEMPLATE. Templates have magic in them. A template is a tool to generate documents consistently (and much more safely than doing a "Save as".

    In FileMaker the notion of Template does not exist - yet. We are left to make EXAMPLES from layouts that we reserve for that end, which we duplicates to create homogenous series of pages/layouts in our solutions.


    Well I don't know who decided to call a Layout "Modèle" (template) in French but this is wrong!


    The best translation for Layout would have been "Agencement" (arrangement/composition) as both words mean an assemblage of elements that constitute a whole. A solution may contain several of these "arranged presentation of data", layouts.


    I refuse to call a Layout "Modèle". And assemblage sounds too weird and long. After researching for a while a better terminology, I came up with the word "Topo".


    Topo, in French, means a short presentation on a topic; it also means a plan, a sketch map. Pretty fitting, and, for once, shorter than the English counterpart!


    Each page/layout or page/Topo could eventually be built from some template or modèle...


    Layout should be translated to "Topo" or even more simple and intuitive, "Page" ou "Volet"


    Update: I have decided to adopt "Volet" for my solutions.